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Against a backdrop of record commodity prices, the demands on the mining sector have never been greater. Rising energy costs, deeper ore mines, more complex ore bodies, social and geopolitical risks — the complexities faced by the players in this industry are multi-faceted. Mining companies remain under exceptional pressure to control costs, heighten efficiency, and improve safety performance.

With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics becoming a mainstream consideration for the industry, mining companies are expected to take a proactive stance in fighting climate change and embedding ESG ideals into their businesses.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, and automation are also evolving rapidly, creating innovative solutions that can optimise operations. There’s an urgent need to adopt these technologies to drive innovation and create mines of the future, but mining companies face high costs and rocky implementation initiatives.

We work with mining companies to navigate this volatile environment by implementing successful changes to operations and building capabilities that are crucial for them to thrive and succeed.

About Us

About Renoir Consulting

Renoir Consulting is a global management consultancy with over 25 years of experience in delivering exceptional outcomes and sustainable change. We cover an expansive list of industries and business functions, with a footprint in more than 50 countries. We focus on people engagement across all levels and ensure that change objectives are fully achieved and sustainable. Our approach means that every engagement will receive the utmost level of care and investment in talent, resources, and leadership attention.

About Unison Mining Consulting

Unison Mining Consulting focuses on the global mining landscape, founded by a group of experienced and skilled mining subject matter experts (SMEs), and supported by Renoir Consulting. Set up at the beginning of the year, it already has engagements running in Central America, South America, and Africa.

Our Mining Industry Expertise

Strategy and Operating Model

How do I increase throughput by reducing lost time and waste? How do I improve plant and process control to improve recoveries? These are the questions we can help you answer. Our areas of expertise include designing enhanced management control systems, organisational alignment, turnaround programmes, risk assessment, mitigation and management, process improvement, and CPI, to name a few.

Performance Management

Establish operational KPIs to monitor and improve business performance through visual performance dashboards, and review mechanisms tailor-made for maintenance and supply chain operations. Additionally, we also work with you to establish defined roles and responsibility statements such as RACI.

Capex Management

We run procurement spending and diagnostics to identify cost savings on fixed assets across global operations. This includes supply chain maturity assessments (structure, process, and systems) to target reductions in the total cost of ownership.


Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and fatalities have consequences beyond the immediate harm to individuals and loss of production. According to research, the root cause is oftentimes human error. Therefore, mining and metals producers need to demonstrate sustainable improvement in safety KPIs or risk reputational risk and share price downgrading from ESG-sensitive investors. We can help you do that.

Digital Transformation

Using the systems you already own, we significantly improve materials management and increase service levels whilst reducing working capital through inventory optimisation. Our cross-functional skills in strategic sourcing, and warehouse and materials management through embedded ERP solutions will reduce working capital and associated operating costs simultaneously and sustainably.

Our Case Studies

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Brian Witherspoon
Brian Witherspoon

Managing Director - Operations at Renoir Consulting

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Brian Witherspoon
Brian Witherspoon

Managing Director - Operations at Renoir Consulting

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