Empowering Performance and Innovation with Strategic Consulting and Corporate Venture Capital

Renoir Investment Partners offers bespoke Corporate Venture Capital services to identify, integrate and facilitate strategic investment opportunities for our clients.

Many companies across industries struggle to optimise performance and attract investments due to a lack of specialised expertise.

At Renoir Investment Partners, we combine top-tier venture capital investment expertise with performance consulting services to deliver sustainable solutions to our clients. Our approach is innovation-first, integrating the solutions and facilitating the technology transfers needed to improve overall efficiency.

With over 30 years of finance and investment experience in Asia, we identify impactful, bespoke technology and innovative solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Our unique approach


With a proven track record of global performance management expertise coupled with an understanding of our clients' businesses, we integrate solutions and technologies for sustainable business transformation.


Our extensive networks and experience drive investment opportunities and facilitate start-up integration to improve performance and operational efficiency.


We have a pipeline of deals that can help you expand your business by identifying tailored opportunities that meet your specific goals.


Our strategic partnerships with investors, funds, market practitioners, and thought leaders from higher learning institutions bring you the best solutions backed by the latest technology.

Are you ready to invest in your future to accelerate your business?

Contact us for a bespoke solution where our experts will identify high-impact opportunities tailored to your business goals.

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